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KievGallery (Kiev gallery) provides all persons interested followings services:

Sale of the prepared works of art

Basic activity of the Kiev gallery consists in a help artists and sculptors to sell the works, and to find to, that needs them buyers. We are engaged in the sale of the articles of art in a network the Internet: pictures (painting, graphic arts), sculptures, dolls in the proper sections of site. All basic moments on the purchase of works of art in detail are lighted up in a section HELP.

Making of artistic work on an order

There are such cases, when a buyer can not find on a site exactly to, that needs him. Then a decision at that rate to order landscape, still life, sculpture, portrait on an order is ideal.

) landscape on an order

The artists of the Kiev Gallery with pleasure will execute landscape of any complication, on any material which befits you. You can order industrial landscape, rural landscape, city landscape, (marinas) sea-piece, winter landscape, autumn landscape, spring landscape, summer landscape, nightly landscape, abstract landscape, mountain landscape. Simply choose an artist, the manner of work and composition of works of which befits you. The landscape can be drawn and from a picture, with adding then of necessary you characters to the picture. A high-quality picture will be the mortgage of successful work of artist for implementation of Your order*.

) portrait on an order

On our site the Kiev gallery is a few wonderful artists-portrait-painters which will be able to draw the portrait of any complication and any composition. A portrait can be executed butter, water-colour, gouache, slate-pencil pencil. A high-quality picture will be the mortgage of successful work of artist for implementation of Your order*. Portrait which you can order can be in any style and in any technique.

) sculpture on an order

The sculptors of site The Kiev gallery can perform the order any complication. For our customers a bust, whole rostovaya sculpture, bas-relief of ., can be done. Material from which it is possible to make a sculpture: bronze, marble, stone, gypsum, sand, ice.

*Images properties:

         Size no less than 500 pixels on a less side, at permission no less than 72 dpi.

         Format of files *.jpg, *.tif, not optimized and stored with the best quality.

         Clearness of image and accordance a colour gamut which you want to get.


Order of creative (author) reiteration of the already sold work

On the site of the Kiev gallery you can ask from an author, that he did the author reiteration of the work which is already sold. Not all authors consent to do the copies of authors and violate eksklyuzivnost' of the picture purchased before. But some can a few to change composition of work, to avoid plagiarism and at the same time to write something look like the sold work.

Registration of work at an export for a border

At the export of picture or sculpture for territory of Ukraine it is necessary well to understand all laws and normative acts which touch this question. Therefore the Kiev gallery is ready to help not only advice but also can undertake fully all complications of registration of work for possibility of her eksport.

Setting work in baguette

All works of artists we can at Your desire to design in baguette, except for the cases when works are not foreseen by the presences of frame. you can choose baguette to view of picture in the apartment (reference to LOOK In APARTMENT) or we can you offer quite another variants, because we co-operate with plenty of baguette workshops. The cost of baguette will settle accounts in every case separately. Term of implementation ot 2 days to week depending on complication of works.

Setting work in the gift packing

If you buy a picture or sculpture by a gift, nelishnim will be to offer to you neatly to wrap up the bought work in the special tape, and then to wrap up in the gift packing. you will be able to choose a colour gamut from the variants offered by us.

Estimation of work of art

The experts of the Kiev gallery can conduct the estimation of cost of picture (sculptures) in order that you were able to know its approximate cost. In the modern world by investments in works of art now will surprise nobody, therefore not to sell cheap and not purchase an imitation an exact expert conclusion is needed about authorship of work, year of creation and approximate cost.

Restoration of work of art

If you will have a necessity to touch up defects in existent works: shabby paint, a frame is chipped, influencing of time (to dampness, beetles, mould and etc) we with gladness will help you herein.

Organization of exhibition activity

All artists and sculptors of our site The Kiev gallery have possibility to propose the works in our apartment, in the real gallery which is in the apartment of studio BailaMe, to address Kiev, street Nick Bazhana 1.

PR of artists and sculptors

We comprehensively support artists and sculptors works which we placed for itself on a site. But except for the ordinary spectrum of services we can offer to the authors of works their untwisting, in order that their name was known, and their works were valued far higher.

Foto sets of pictures, sculptures, dolls (service for the authors of works)

Our photographer can professionally turn out works of artists and sculptors not only, and and process of creation, to arrange much fotomateriala for booklets, business cards, personal site and etc Also if you must have all photo of pictures in the archive, we will turn out all Your works.

Placing of pictures and sculptures on a site (service for artists and sculptors)

Kievgallery suggests FREE OF CHARGE to place representing Your works and information about you on our site. A collaboration with us gives large advantages:

all over the world able to look the great number of potential buyers at Your works and purchase them;

possibility to extend the circle of the contacts, business partners and judges of Your creation will appear for you;

you simply give the pictures, and we will look after about their high-quality untwisting in a network the Internet, Your pictures will buy actually without Your

participation, that will enable you to create;

you will have the personal page, where information will be placed about you, thus, buyers will know you almost personally.

Panoramic fotoset of apartment

Panoramic photography of Your apartment or Your gallery.

Consultation of designer

The Kiev gallery has a lot of designers, but majority from them which embark only on serious projects.