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Borsuk Yurii

Painter Borsuk Yurii
Short biography

Painter Borsuk Yurii,

Born July 16, 1963 in the city of Dnepropetrovsk region Marganets. In 1980 he graduated from school. After military serving from 1984 was interested in photography. Amateur hobby gradually shifted to the professional level. He worked as a photographer in the city newspaper "Marganets Miner". In 1993 he set up a small private photo studio. During the studio work he met with city artists. Often visited the art workshops, he tried his hand. Gradually painting passion for moved to the forefront.

Detailed biography


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Picture «Poppies», Painter Borsuk Yurii
40x60 cm, oil, canvas
4406 UAH
141 EUR
Picture «Summer Gift», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Summer Gift
30x40 cm, oil, canvas
2724 UAH
87 EUR
Picture «Flower», Painter Borsuk Yurii
65x45 cm, oil, canvas
5421 UAH
173 EUR
Picture «Winter forest», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Winter forest
35x50 cm, oil, canvas
3685 UAH
118 EUR
Picture «Willows», Painter Borsuk Yurii
40x50 cm, oil, canvas
3845 UAH
123 EUR
Picture «Flax flowers», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Flax flowers
40x60 cm, oil, canvas
3018 UAH
97 EUR
Picture «Neuschwanstein castle», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Neuschwanstein castle
50x60 cm, oil, canvas
6889 UAH
220 EUR
Picture «Morning on the river», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Morning on the river
50x90 cm, oil, canvas
7209 UAH
230 EUR
Picture «Grandma's house», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Grandma's house
40x60 cm, oil, canvas
2030 UAH
65 EUR
Picture «Quiet evening», Painter Borsuk Yurii
Quiet evening
46x67 cm, oil, canvas
2350 UAH
75 EUR
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