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Semenyak Viktor

Painter Semenyak Viktor
Short biography

Painter Semenyak Viktor,

Viktor Semenyak

* 1969 is a year of birth

* 1974 is a winner of competition «Katrusin the cinema hall», in a telecast with participation an aunt Katya and Katrusya

* 1979-1983 he studies at school of arts in Gvizdets' under the management of Tkachenko NP (water-colour, graphic arts).

* from 2001 he studies in the studio of Titulenko VS (painting)

Detailed biography


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Picture «Spring», Painter Semenyak Viktor
90x90 cm, acrylic, canvas
11146 UAH
342 EUR
Picture «Stacks in the Carpathians», Painter Semenyak Viktor
Stacks in the Carpathians
40x60 cm, acrylic, canvas
3990 UAH
123 EUR
Picture «Carpathian sonnets», Painter Semenyak Viktor
Carpathian sonnets
40x60 cm, acrylic, canvas
3990 UAH
123 EUR
Sold (23)