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Radaeva Elena

Painter Radaeva Elena
Short biography

Painter Radaeva Elena,

She was born in 1983 in Saratov. She spent her childhood in the picturesque town of Kanev in the Cherkassy region.

Now she lives and works in Boyarka, Kyiv region.

Education received in the children's art school ą 3 in Kiev.

In 2013 she graduated from the National Academy of Leaders of Culture and Arts.

In 2015, she was further educated in the direction of "Management" at the State University of Telecommunications.

In creativity she adheres to the belief that art should be life-affirming and bring positive emotions.

Favorite genres in painting - the city landscape and still life. She writes oil mainly in traditional techniques.

Also sometimes experimenting with the use of cold wax and other materials in a mixed technique to create interesting multi-layer surfaces. In her works, bright colors predominate, but sometimes she paints pictures and in restrained color.

Detailed biography


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Picture «Still life on a chessboard», Painter Radaeva Elena
Still life on a chessboard
40x40 cm, oil, canvas
3192 UAH
98 EUR
Picture «City on the water», Painter Radaeva Elena
City on the water
50x50 cm, oil, canvas
5320 UAH
163 EUR
Picture «In the south of Italy», Painter Radaeva Elena
In the south of Italy
45x45 cm, oil, canvas
3857 UAH
119 EUR
Picture «Rome. View of St. Peter's Cathedral», Painter Radaeva Elena
Rome. View of St. Peter's Cathedral
28x36 cm, oil, mixed, canvas
1729 UAH
53 EUR
Picture «Evening in Morocco», Painter Radaeva Elena
Evening in Morocco
60x60 cm, oil, mixed, canvas
7980 UAH
245 EUR
Picture «Resort town», Painter Radaeva Elena
Resort town
40x50 cm, oil, canvas
5320 UAH
163 EUR
Picture «Landscape with poplars», Painter Radaeva Elena
Landscape with poplars
30x40 cm, oil, canvas
3325 UAH
102 EUR
Picture «Sunflowers», Painter Radaeva Elena
50x40 cm, oil, canvas
3591 UAH
110 EUR
Picture «In memory of Lviv», Painter Radaeva Elena
In memory of Lviv
50x50 cm, oil, canvas
6650 UAH
204 EUR
Picture «Still Life under the Moon», Painter Radaeva Elena
Still Life under the Moon
45x35 cm, oil, canvas
3857 UAH
119 EUR
Picture «Ancient Kiev», Painter Radaeva Elena
Ancient Kiev
50x55 cm, oil, canvas
7049 UAH
216 EUR
Picture «Exotic Still Life», Painter Radaeva Elena
Exotic Still Life
60x50 cm, oil, canvas
7980 UAH
245 EUR
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