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Shevchenko Yuriy

Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
Short biography

Painter Shevchenko Yuriy,

Artists Yuri and Lyuba Shevchenko work in the field of decorative painting for a modern interior. They live and work in Lviv. The atmosphere of the ancient city had a great influence on the creative development of these artists. Using acrylic paints and relief paste, Yuri and Lyuba created their own original style in contemporary decorative painting. In their paintings, artists try to convey warm feelings and positive emotions, and successfully selected colors harmoniously fit in the interior.

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Picture Tram, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
90x100 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
7332 UAH
216 EUR
Picture A flash of feelings, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
A flash of feelings
90x105 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
8460 UAH
250 EUR
Picture Carnival, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
75x90 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
5076 UAH
150 EUR
Picture Origin of the Universe, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
Origin of the Universe
60x100 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
6486 UAH
191 EUR
Picture Dreamy, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
95x75 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
5076 UAH
150 EUR
Picture Ethnica, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
110x180 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
14100 UAH
416 EUR
Picture Energy of spring, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
Energy of spring
70x100 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
6768 UAH
200 EUR
Picture Turnpikes, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
85x100 cm, acrylic, authoring, canvas
7896 UAH
233 EUR
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