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Gudko Vitaliy

Painter Gudko Vitaliy
Short biography

Painter Gudko Vitaliy,

He was born in 1961 in the city of Zaporozhye.

1987 - graduated from the Moscow University of Arts, Faculty of easel painting and graphics.

Since 1991 he has participated in regional, All-Ukrainian and International exhibitions, solo exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Denmark.

The main exhibitions:

1991-1996 - Image-90, Zaporozhye

1993 - Gallery of Contemporary Art "MART", Moscow

1994 - Gallery of Modern Art, Silkeborg, Denmark

Detailed biography


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Picture Morning, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
80x120 cm, oil, canvas
48060 UAH
1533 EUR
Picture Dusk, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
80x88 cm, oil, canvas
40050 UAH
1278 EUR
Picture Little Paris, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
Little Paris
75x100 cm, oil, canvas
21360 UAH
682 EUR
Picture To town, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
To town
75x100 cm, oil, canvas
26700 UAH
852 EUR
Picture Reeds. Autumn, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
Reeds. Autumn
85x120 cm, oil, canvas
26700 UAH
852 EUR
Picture Watering, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
81x126 cm, oil, canvas
66750 UAH
2129 EUR
Picture In the park, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
In the park
88x80 cm, oil, canvas
10680 UAH
341 EUR
Picture Bird Market, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
Bird Market
75x100 cm, oil, canvas
18690 UAH
596 EUR
Picture Bumblebee, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
85x120 cm, oil, canvas
21360 UAH
682 EUR
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