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Yavorskaya Elena

Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Short biography

Painter Yavorskaya Elena,

Was born in 1980 in Kiev. She graduated from Kiev Slavic University with a degree in finance. But from childhood she always liked to paint. Once being in the art studio "Leonardo" of famous artist V. Kikinev, she fall in love with painting forever. The painter writes in different genres: still life, landscape, portrait, but prefers to paint still lifes.

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Picture Bouquet of chrysanthemums with pumpkin, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Bouquet of chrysanthemums with pumpkin
45x60 cm, oil, canvas
2448 UAH
75 EUR
Picture Summer day, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Summer day
53x60 cm, oil, canvas
2607 UAH
80 EUR
Picture Morning in Sardinia, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Morning in Sardinia
20x44 cm, oil, canvas
1596 UAH
49 EUR
Picture Cake with strawberries, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Cake with strawberries
19x23 cm, oil, canvas
1596 UAH
49 EUR
Picture Sunflowers with phloxes, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Sunflowers with phloxes
42x52 cm, oil, canvas
1969 UAH
61 EUR
Picture Dahlias with fruits, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Dahlias with fruits
45x60 cm, oil, canvas
2261 UAH
70 EUR
Picture Still life with a viburnum, Painter Yavorskaya Elena
Still life with a viburnum
57x70 cm, oil, canvas
2448 UAH
75 EUR
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