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Lychagina Ulia

Painter Lychagina Ulia
Short biography

Painter Lychagina Ulia,

Artist-hippologist, animalist. She paints mostly horses.

Works since 2013. It takes a lot of time to study the anatomy and the material that she writes. Works with quality materials. The artist's paintings are in Britain, Germany, most of them in Russia.

She participated in several combined exhibitions in 2016.

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Picture Portrait of a red horse, Painter Lychagina Ulia
Portrait of a red horse
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
13100 UAH
420 EUR
Picture Black Pearl, Painter Lychagina Ulia
Black Pearl
70x50 cm, oil, canvas
9170 UAH
294 EUR
Picture Illuminated with a star, Painter Lychagina Ulia
Illuminated with a star
61x52 cm, pencil, paper
2882 UAH
93 EUR
Picture Run, Painter Lychagina Ulia
29x50 cm, pencil, paper
2620 UAH
84 EUR
Picture A pair of Arabian horses, Painter Lychagina Ulia
A pair of Arabian horses
32x50 cm, pencil, paper
2620 UAH
84 EUR
Picture Between heaven and earth, Painter Lychagina Ulia
Between heaven and earth
29x39 cm, pencil, paper
2620 UAH
84 EUR
Picture Silver whirlwind, Painter Lychagina Ulia
Silver whirlwind
50x60 cm, oil, canvas
18340 UAH
588 EUR
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