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Tymkiv Oksana

Painter Tymkiv Oksana
Short biography

Painter Tymkiv Oksana,

She was born in 1973 in the town of Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy, Cherkasy region.

1992-1995 - studied at the Kiev Art and Industrial Technical School, Faculty of Design.

1997-1999 - worked at the Ukrainian-French animation studio "Borisfen-Lutes" in the role of artist-plotter.

2003-2009 - studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Faculty of Painting, Department of Restoration of easel and monumental painting.

Detailed biography


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Picture St. Archangel Michael, Painter Tymkiv Oksana
St. Archangel Michael
60x45 cm, oil, canvas
20972 UAH
722 EUR
Picture Saint Catherine, Painter Tymkiv Oksana
Saint Catherine
40x30 cm, oil, wood
15729 UAH
541 EUR
Picture Triptych Three saints, Painter Tymkiv Oksana
Triptych Three saints
70x105 cm, oil, fibreboard
62914 UAH
2164 EUR
Picture Triptych
Triptych "Three saints". The left part of St. Basil the Great
70x35 cm, oil, fibreboard
20972 UAH
722 EUR
Picture Triptych Picture Triptych
Triptych "Three saints". The right side of "John Chrysostom"
70x35 cm, oil, fibreboard
20972 UAH
722 EUR

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