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Kaftan Nikolaˇ

Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
Short biography

Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ,

Born December 22, 1978 in Ternopil. From his early childhood he loved to draw. From fourth grade he studied at Boychuk art school in Ternopil. After graduating from secondary school he entered the Cooperative College of Ternopil(1995-1998), Faculty of Decoration. It was then he loved art thanks to the talented teacher Anna Tkachik. After the Cooperative College was studied at Rivne State University (2002-2005), Fine and decorative arts faculty.

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Picture źBlack tail╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
Black tail
50x70 cm, oil, canvas
3990 UAH
123 EUR
Picture źThe Kite Runner╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
The Kite Runner
60x90 cm, oil, canvas
7980 UAH
245 EUR
Picture źMorning freshness╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
Morning freshness
100x140 cm, oil, canvas
18753 UAH
575 EUR
Picture źEvening breeze╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
Evening breeze
60x150 cm, oil, canvas
11970 UAH
367 EUR
Picture źBear family╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
Bear family
60x90 cm, oil, canvas
7581 UAH
233 EUR
Picture źRoughneck╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
60x100 cm, oil, canvas
11970 UAH
367 EUR
Picture źBrothers╗, Painter Kaftan Nikolaˇ
45x90 cm, oil, canvas
5985 UAH
184 EUR
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