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Konoval Vitaliy

Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Short biography

Painter Konoval Vitaliy,

Konoval Vitaliy was born December 10, 1981 in Kotel'va, Poltava region, Ukraine. In 2002 he graduated from the Kiev Art and Industry High School. In 2007 - the Kiev Boychuk Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design.

Lives and works in Kiev. The main genre of the author's paintings is landscape. Also, the artist actively experiments in non-figurative painting. Vitaliy's painting - is the search for self-identity and the expression of the emotional side of perception of Ukrainian nature. Particular attention in his works, he devotes color, as the main tool for influencing the psychological state and feelings of a person.

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Picture «Carpathian Silence», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Carpathian Silence
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
9177 UAH
282 EUR
Picture «Among the flowering apple trees», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Among the flowering apple trees
40x50 cm, oil, canvas
4788 UAH
147 EUR
Picture «Lilac blossoms», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Lilac blossoms
70x90 cm, oil, canvas
13965 UAH
428 EUR
Picture «After sunset», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
After sunset
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
11970 UAH
367 EUR
Picture «Boat station on the Dnieper», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Boat station on the Dnieper
30x50 cm, oil, canvas
4389 UAH
135 EUR
Picture «In the summer on the river», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
In the summer on the river
30x50 cm, oil, canvas
3990 UAH
123 EUR
Picture «Desna river», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Desna river
30x50 cm, oil, canvas
3591 UAH
110 EUR
Picture «Cherries on dandelions», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Cherries on dandelions
30x40 cm, oil, canvas
3591 UAH
110 EUR
Picture «Evening in Crimea», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
Evening in Crimea
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
11970 UAH
367 EUR
Picture «Wien», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
40x60 cm, watercolour, paper
7980 UAH
245 EUR
Picture «In Partenit», Painter Konoval Vitaliy
In Partenit
40x50 cm, oil, canvas
4788 UAH
147 EUR
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