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Sevets Igor

Painter Sevets Igor
Short biography

Painter Sevets Igor,

Born on August 7, 1955 in the city of Khmelnitsky in Ukraine. He began his career in 1973 as an artist in "Korchaginets" regional youth newspaper. Since 1975, working as an artist in the Project-research Institute "Ukrkolhozproekt".

After graduating from the Ivan Fedorov Polygraphic Institute (department of Graphic Artists) works as an artist in the Art Fund of Ukraine. In 1991 he was given the highest artist-painter qualification. Since 1993 he participates in all urban and regional exhibitions, and since 1994 in the national and international exhibitions.

In 1995 he became a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Detailed biography


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Picture «Tide», Painter Sevets Igor
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
13778 UAH
440 EUR
Picture «Podolsk lake», Painter Sevets Igor
Podolsk lake
60x85 cm, oil, canvas
12229 UAH
390 EUR
Picture «Boats asleep», Painter Sevets Igor
Boats asleep
20x25 cm, oil, canvas
2804 UAH
90 EUR
Picture «Spring approach», Painter Sevets Igor
Spring approach
40x49 cm, oil, canvas
6008 UAH
192 EUR
Picture «Polish Brama», Painter Sevets Igor
Polish Brama
46x48 cm, oil, canvas
4005 UAH
128 EUR
Picture «Repentance», Painter Sevets Igor
30x40 cm, oil, canvas on fibreboard
8010 UAH
256 EUR
Picture «Dry Valley Poland», Painter Sevets Igor
Dry Valley Poland
60x90 cm, oil, canvas
40050 UAH
1278 EUR
Picture «Old city», Painter Sevets Igor
Old city
50x50 cm, oil, fibreboard
20025 UAH
639 EUR
Picture «Greece Melody», Painter Sevets Igor
Greece Melody
55x85 cm, oil, canvas
24030 UAH
767 EUR
Picture «Roofs and rain», Painter Sevets Igor
Roofs and rain
49x74 cm, oil, canvas
44055 UAH
1405 EUR
Picture «Winter day», Painter Sevets Igor
Winter day
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
40050 UAH
1278 EUR
Picture «Winter morning», Painter Sevets Igor
Winter morning
50x75 cm, oil, canvas
12015 UAH
384 EUR
Picture «Road», Painter Sevets Igor
55x70 cm, oil, canvas
12015 UAH
384 EUR
Picture «Evening», Painter Sevets Igor
50x70 cm, oil, canvas
18023 UAH
575 EUR
Picture «In the Carpathians», Painter Sevets Igor
In the Carpathians
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
16020 UAH
511 EUR
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