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Silko Eugene

Painter Silko Eugene
Short biography

Painter Silko Eugene,
He was born in 1982 and lives in the city of Chernihiv.

He graduated from the local art school and Chernihiv National Pedagogical University named after TG Shevchenko on the specialty "Fine Arts".

After graduation, he stayed on at the university. Now - assistant professor of the theory and methods of teaching art. He engaged in painting and graphics for over 12 years, monumental and easel painting.

Favorite technique of the artist - oil painting, and style - hyperrealism. He participated in many exhibitions of the city.

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Picture «Daisies», Painter Silko Eugene
40x50 cm, oil, canvas
3563 UAH
119 EUR
Picture «Parrots», Painter Silko Eugene
70x50 cm, oil, canvas
7125 UAH
237 EUR
Picture «Still life with quince», Painter Silko Eugene
Still life with quince
40x60 cm, oil, canvas
5034 UAH
168 EUR
Picture «Flower bouquet on gold fabric», Painter Silko Eugene
Flower bouquet on gold fabric
65x70 cm, oil, canvas
7357 UAH
245 EUR
Picture «Tiger at the watering», Painter Silko Eugene
Tiger at the watering
70x50 cm, oil, fibreboard
7176 UAH
239 EUR
Picture «Fellowship. Geese», Painter Silko Eugene
Fellowship. Geese
52x86 cm, oil, canvas
8958 UAH
298 EUR
Picture «Retired», Painter Silko Eugene
60x42 cm, watercolour, paper
3098 UAH
103 EUR
Picture «Storks», Painter Silko Eugene
50x70 cm, oil, canvas
5421 UAH
180 EUR
Picture «Wild rose flower», Painter Silko Eugene
Wild rose flower
42x52 cm, oil, canvas
2401 UAH
80 EUR
Picture «Through the thorns», Painter Silko Eugene
Through the thorns
50x67 cm, oil, canvas
2840 UAH
95 EUR
Picture «Bare Desna», Painter Silko Eugene
Bare Desna
60x90 cm, oil, canvas
4544 UAH
151 EUR
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