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Gorognichiy Denis

Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Short biography

Painter Gorognichiy Denis,

Painter. He was born in 1984.

Education - Poltava children's art school (1996-2001); Kondratyuk Potlavsky National Technical University (2001-2007).

The main subject for his paintings are Ukrainian landscapes. The most interesting thing for the artist is to express different states of nature, its mood.

Creativity for him - is a constant search and experiment, trying to create something new and unique. The only thing that remains unchanged are the heart close subjects.


Detailed biography


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Picture «Dikansky betting», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Dikansky betting
18x18 cm, oil, fibreboard
2403 UAH
77 EUR
Picture «Above Vorskla river», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Above Vorskla river
24x60 cm, oil, fibreboard
4005 UAH
128 EUR
Picture «Beautiful Summer», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Beautiful Summer
29x34 cm, oil, fibreboard
4005 UAH
128 EUR
Picture «Evening Dnieper», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Evening Dnieper
21x29 cm, oil, canvas
4005 UAH
128 EUR
Picture «Green Grove», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Green Grove
62x58 cm, oil, canvas
16020 UAH
511 EUR
Picture «Evening Lavra», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Evening Lavra
40x82 cm, oil, canvas
12015 UAH
384 EUR
Picture «Watered earth», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
Watered earth
85x80 cm, oil, canvas
60075 UAH
1916 EUR
Picture «The banks of the river Psel», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
The banks of the river Psel
42x60 cm, oil, canvas
11214 UAH
358 EUR
Picture «9 pm», Painter Gorognichiy Denis
9 pm
33x29 cm, oil, canvas
5207 UAH
167 EUR
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