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Komar Michail

Painter Komar Michail
Short biography

Painter Komar Michail,

Ukrainian artist from the city of Kharkiv, born in 1966.

He graduated from the Kharkov Art College in 1985. He studied easel painting at Kharkov Art and Industry Institute from professor of Constantinopolsky A.M.

Member of the war in Afghanistan. In the 90s in Kharkov held his several personal exhibitions on the theme of Afghanistan.

Detailed biography


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Picture «Window to Paris», Painter Komar Michail
Window to Paris
75x100 cm, oil, canvas
11722 UAH
374 EUR
Picture «Chica in the gym», Painter Komar Michail
Chica in the gym
80x100 cm, oil, canvas
14258 UAH
455 EUR
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