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Belsky Alexander

Painter Belsky Alexander
Short biography

Painter Belsky Alexander,

Alexandr Belskiy was born 03.05.1954.

He studied at the Kiev Art Institute at the Faculty of Painting V.V.Shatalina Professor (1972-1978).

Since 1983 - a member of Ukrainian Artists Union. He was a member of more than 40 exhibitions.

His paintings are in museums, galleries and private collections in England, France, South Korea, Greece, Czech Republic and other countries.

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Picture «Autumn on the Cheremosh», Painter Belsky Alexander
Autumn on the Cheremosh
60x85 cm, oil, canvas
23443 UAH
748 EUR
Picture «Morning on Zhukov island», Painter Belsky Alexander
Morning on Zhukov island
50x70 cm, oil, canvas
15086 UAH
482 EUR
Picture «Evening on Ai-Petri», Painter Belsky Alexander
Evening on Ai-Petri
75x100 cm, oil, canvas
36846 UAH
1175 EUR
Picture «Winter», Painter Belsky Alexander
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
30145 UAH
962 EUR
Picture «In Tarkhankut», Painter Belsky Alexander
In Tarkhankut
40x50 cm, oil, canvas
7557 UAH
241 EUR
Picture «Fall in Transcarpathia», Painter Belsky Alexander
Fall in Transcarpathia
65x85 cm, oil, canvas
23443 UAH
748 EUR
Picture «Lilac blossoms», Painter Belsky Alexander
Lilac blossoms
80x100 cm, oil, canvas
60289 UAH
1923 EUR
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