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Grek Igor

Painter Grek Igor
Short biography

Painter Grek Igor,

Igor Grek was born on September 4, 1969 in Poltava.

1981-1985 he studied at Poltava Art School.

2000-2003 he was engaged in landscape design in St. Petersburg.

2012, 2014 he has been a participant of exhibitions dedicated to the Day of Poland in Ukraine, Poltava.

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Picture «Luxury roses», Painter Grek Igor
Luxury roses
80x60 cm, oil, canvas
22504 UAH
690 EUR
Picture «Still-life with roses», Painter Grek Igor
Still-life with roses
80x55 cm, oil, canvas
21227 UAH
651 EUR
Picture «Still life with grapes», Painter Grek Igor
Still life with grapes
50x40 cm, oil, canvas
7103 UAH
218 EUR
Picture «Peonies and fruits», Painter Grek Igor
Peonies and fruits
50x45 cm, oil, canvas
10507 UAH
322 EUR
Picture «Roses and grapes», Painter Grek Igor
Roses and grapes
70x90 cm, oil, canvas
22584 UAH
692 EUR
Picture «Autumn Still Life», Painter Grek Igor
Autumn Still Life
80x70 cm, oil, canvas
18620 UAH
571 EUR
Picture «Still life», Painter Grek Igor
Still life
70x90 cm, oil, canvas
21280 UAH
652 EUR
Picture «Still Life with Apples», Painter Grek Igor
Still Life with Apples
45x50 cm, oil, canvas
11093 UAH
340 EUR
Picture «Red Peonies», Painter Grek Igor
Red Peonies
60x50 cm, oil, canvas
11093 UAH
340 EUR
Picture «Malbork Castle», Painter Grek Igor
Malbork Castle
50x60 cm, oil, canvas
4177 UAH
128 EUR
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