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Dorogan Victoria

Painter Dorogan Victoria
Short biography

Painter Dorogan Victoria,

Victoria Dorogan was born in 1973 in Odessa.

In 1992 she graduated from Odessa Grekov State Art School.

In 2000 she graduated from the National Arts and Architecture Academy.

Since 1992 she became a participant of various Ukrainian exhibitions.

Detailed biography


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Picture Cherry blossoms, Painter Dorogan Victoria
Cherry blossoms
65x65 cm, oil, canvas
8906 UAH
296 EUR
Picture Spring, Painter Dorogan Victoria
70x50 cm, oil, fibreboard
14895 UAH
495 EUR
Picture hrysanthemums, Painter Dorogan Victoria
60x80 cm, oil, canvas
10042 UAH
334 EUR
Picture Snail, Painter Dorogan Victoria
48x42 cm, oil, fibreboard
5834 UAH
194 EUR
Picture The one who eats fish, Painter Dorogan Victoria
The one who eats fish
46x60 cm, watercolour, guache, paper
2917 UAH
97 EUR
Picture The Blue Bird, Painter Dorogan Victoria
The Blue Bird
80x60 cm, oil, canvas
12649 UAH
420 EUR
Picture Summer flowers, Painter Dorogan Victoria
Summer flowers
110x80 cm, oil, canvas
11668 UAH
388 EUR
Picture Day and night, Painter Dorogan Victoria
Day and night
46x60 cm, watercolour, guache, paper
2917 UAH
97 EUR
Picture Voices in the fog, Painter Dorogan Victoria
Voices in the fog
50x70 cm, oil, fibreboard
11023 UAH
366 EUR
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