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Kopaygorenko Vasily

Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
Short biography

Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily,

Vasily V. Kopaygorenko born May 29, 1955 in Kyiv.
In 1980 he graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute. Teachers:. V. Zaretsky, Deregus M., V. Puzirkov
Since 1980, actively participates in republican, all-union, national and international exhibitions. He has 12 solo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Detailed biography


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Picture Song, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
65x55 cm, oil, canvas
40050 UAH
1278 EUR
Picture Mermaid and fishman, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
Mermaid and fishman
50x60 cm, oil, canvas
32040 UAH
1022 EUR
Picture Grandparents, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
70x50 cm, oil, canvas
44055 UAH
1405 EUR
Picture Oh, chumak, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
Oh, chumak
70x70 cm, oil, canvas
72090 UAH
2299 EUR
Picture Cossack riding on war, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
Cossack riding on war
80x60 cm, oil, canvas
72090 UAH
2299 EUR
Picture Holiday Apple rescue, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
Holiday Apple rescue
7x60 cm, oil, canvas
48060 UAH
1533 EUR
Picture Potter, Painter Kopaygorenko Vasily
100x90 cm, oil, canvas
160200 UAH
5109 EUR
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