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Tokar Natalya

Painter Tokar Natalya
Short biography

Painter Tokar Natalya,

Tokar Natalya is a modern artist-marinist, she was born in Kharkov in 1973.

Graduated from Repin Kharkov Art School, then the graphic arts department KSPU. A member of the Kharkov Free Artists Association. Adherent to realist school of painting.

Her paintings are in private collections in Ukraine and Russia, as well as in UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, China, etc.

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Picture «Mistress of dreams», Painter Tokar Natalya
Mistress of dreams
80x60 cm, oil, canvas
2581 UAH
80 EUR
Picture «Dawn», Painter Tokar Natalya
80x120 cm, oil, canvas
6039 UAH
185 EUR
Picture «Rat race», Painter Tokar Natalya
Rat race
90x70 cm, oil, canvas
16705 UAH
512 EUR
Sold (51)