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Payment and Delivery

How to purchase painting or sculpture

1. Choose in a gallery the "Kiev Gallery" pleasing you picture / sculpture. Also necessary you works can be picked up by the form of search of pictures and articles of art.
2. If work is accessible for a sale, under its image you will see reference to "Purchase" the picture of Basket.
3. It will be offered to you to fill the form of order (your name, e-mail, telephone, city and country of delivery, your wishes to the order). Fill the fields and push the button to "Send".
4. At the receipt of order we during a day by e-mail or by phone contact with the author of the work chosen by you and specify, whether there is in a presence work. If work in a presence, we ring up you and specify when and where it will be comfortably you to look the chosen work.
5. The "Kiev Gallery" brings on viewing work and you make decision about a purchase, if you are fully arranged by the chosen work.
! There can be a situation, when the author of work sold her already, but did not report about it in the "Kiev Gallery", and you want to order her, at that rate, we specify the presence of work and if she is not present, change status of work on a site. Then, unfortunately, we will ask you to choose other work from collection of gallery.

The cost of delivery and additional charges (registration of permission on an export abroad, charges on packing, insurance, etc.) is paid a buyer. In the cost of picture, indicated on a site, the cost of delivery and additional charges does not enter. The variants of delivery (method of delivery, cost, terms) make a reservation individually in every special case. Standard delivery of work on Kiev makes 30 UAH. Delivery is free of charge in Kiev.

For permanent buyers there is the discount program in the "Kievgallery".
from 15 000 UAH is a discount 1%;
from 23 000 UAH is a discount 2%;
from 34 000 UAH is a discount 3%;
from 50 000 UAH is a discount 4%;
from 75 000 UAH is a discount 5%;
from 100 000 UAH and more is a discount 7%.
In addition, since you get in the circle of our VIP-clients and we can offer you extra discounts on delivery abroad.
If seasonal actions are conducted in a gallery, at the purchase of any action work your personal discount is not taken into account.

Payment methods

The payment methods make a reservation individually in every case between a buyer and artist. Possible payment available facilities at delivery of picture, upon non-cash settlement, paying for majority existent pay systems and etc

How to place on a site pictures, works of art
We give artists, sculptors, creators of dolls possibility of the free placing of information about works of art and their authors on our site. For consideration to placing works, related to painting, graphic arts, sculpture, dolls, are adopted. Kievgallery suggests to place representing Your works and information about you on our site. A collaboration with us gives large advantages:
*all over the world able to look the great number of potential buyers at Your works and purchase them;
*possibility to extend the circle of the contacts, business partners and judges of Your creation will appear for you;
*you simply give the pictures, and we will look after about their high-quality untwisting in a network the Internet, Your pictures will buy actually without Your participation, that will enable you to create;
*You will have the personal page, where information will be placed about you, thus, buyers will know you almost personally.

Certificate of originality
Every picture, announced on our site, is original work of art and contains the original signature of author. At some pictures, presented in our gallery, the special marks of galleries and museums which they were proposed in cost on reverse side. At the sale of pictures we can at pleasure design the certificate of originality, which signs the author of this artistic work.

Privacy policy
We are obligated not to use obtained information in mercenary aims, not to pass and not sell its third party. Our main task is a grant of maximal comfort our clients and partners, therefore you can be fully sure in tom, that we will provide complete secrecy of information.
We perfectly understand as far as important for each of our clients and partners there is secrecy of information. Therefore one of our primary purposes is complete confidentiality and defence of information, touching information about you.