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  /   All News    On October, 31 in Kiev the III International artistic exhibition-fair starts «Art-Kiev 2008»

On October, 31 in Kiev the III International artistic exhibition-fair starts «Art-Kiev 2008» 

From October, 31 for November, 8 the Ukrainian house will hotshot have a fever an art – for this time mainly actual. An entrance on a fair will cost 30 Uah  (appr. 5 USD) «Art-Kiev 2008» will work daily from 11.00 to 20.00.  For not simple visitors (among them, as a rule, patrons of art, collectors and tolstosumy, inlaying facilities in an art, known in Ukraine) «Art-Kiev» officially will open on October, 30. The official opening will take place today in 18.30. 

Work with actual paintings from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czekh, Italy and France the most important art-fair of country organized with a traditional scope. All five floors of the Ukrainian house are again involved, where placed, spread and spread on a floor works-representatives 55 galleries of Ukraine and foreignness.

In the lists of participants both the sharks of domestic art-business, like Da Vinci and organizations, flash with highly cultured reputation like Lvov «Dzygi». Known to nobody galleries from the Ukrainian depth also take place to be. We will not forget that «Art-Kiev» – it above all things a market which is under an obligation to give buyers a wide choice.

The rate of current forum is done on gallery collections, presenting an actual art, and on artists, whose works are in collections of the known domestic collectors. Among them is Alexander Gnilickiy, Lesya Zayac, Aleksandra Zhumaylova-dmitrovskaya, Alexander Roytburd, Alex Small. Specproekty were prepared by habitues and favourites of forum Oleg Pinchuk, Oksana Mas', Alina Maksimenko.

Special Projects «Art-Kiev 2008» 

«Red sailors», Alexander Zhernoklyuev 

«Swan lake», Alina Maksimenko and Vasiliy Tatar

«Mir, which twirls round a stone», Vladimir Byzov

«Formula of metaphor 2008», Ivan Pavel'chuk

«Ballet», Larisa Klyushkina

«Transnational study of color, manners and matters», Oleg Pinchuk

«Modesty and fat», Alexander Gnilickiy

«Initiations», Aleksandra Zhumaylova-Dmitrovskaya

«Nanyatye to dream», Oksana Mas'