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In Paris were arrested works of Kulikov 

On Saturday on the fair of modern art of FIAC, passing in Paris, works of the known artist Oleg Kulika, presented on the stand of the Moscow gallery of XL, were arrested. Besides works were temporally detained for the summer residence of explanations and galeristy is Helen Selina and Sergey Khripun, which during five clock interrogated in police-station. Off-the-floor a police explained the withdrawal of works that they allegedly "diffuse reports, containing violent and pornographic character". A police was straight on stand of XL and produced the warrant of arrest and withdrawal of works of Oleg Kulika: only near 30 pictures and videodocuments of him performansov of 1990th, including those, where he is naked and in a collar represents a dog, given up on passers-by. On a fair, opened for all persons interested, works of painting and sculpture, picture, installations, published works, are usually demonstrated, video - from history of advance-guard to the latest masterpieces of young modern masters.
Among the Russian galleries in FIAC took part Khl gallery, gallery "Aydan" and gallery of Marata Gel'mana (M&j Guelman Gallery).