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More than 2,800 paintings and sculptures of the best contemporary Ukrainian artists. Many convenient filters for selecting a good gift.


We have more then 11 years experience in Ukrainian art market, supporting and developing our artists, finding new ways to expand Ukrainian art worldwide.


All paintings and sculptures are carefully selected. Original works, 100% handmade. The ability to put a painting in a frame.


Fast worldwide shipping. Delivery of pictures in Kiev on the day of the order or the next day. Quality and security in delivery of artworks.

Picture Movement of life, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
Movement of life
60 x 100 cm, acrylic, canvas
5320 UAH
163 EUR
Picture Poppies, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
50 x 80 cm, acrylic, canvas
2660 UAH
82 EUR
Picture Summer fireworks, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
Summer fireworks
75 x 100 cm, acrylic, canvas
6650 UAH
204 EUR
Picture Meeting, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
65 x 55 cm, acrylic, canvas
2128 UAH
66 EUR
Picture Circles of creativity, Painter Shevchenko Yuriy
Circles of creativity
80 x 120 cm, acrylic, canvas
9310 UAH
286 EUR
Picture Herd, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
80 x 200 cm, oil, canvas
29260 UAH
897 EUR
Picture Plot No. 7, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
Plot No. 7
75 x 100 cm, oil, canvas
26600 UAH
815 EUR
Picture Bench, Painter Gudko Vitaliy
85 x 110 cm, oil, canvas
31920 UAH
978 EUR
Picture Abstraction. Gold with bees, Painter Sukhanova Victoria
Abstraction. Gold with bees
60 x 45 cm, oil, canvas
5613 UAH
172 EUR

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Reviews of customers from 30+ countries that already bought paintings and sculptures from our gallery

I really like the online gallery KievGallery. Captivates the simplicity and convenience. Posted here colorful works of art accompanied by exhaustive information. It`s great that you could choose the baguette exactly on the site and see how it looks in the complex! All paintings are divided by genre, by size, price, and on the technique and the material. It`s really convenient. You can go directly to the section that you prefer. Also the prices are pleasant.
I have a partnership with the KievGallery for a long time from 2011. I buy paintings for corporate gifts and always get positive impressions. They help me to choose an interesting picture for my wishes and budget. Thanks!
For me art gallery Kievgallery is 1 online gallery in Ukraine. Although I rarely buy paintings, I often visit the site itself. Beautiful collection of artists, all genres and styles of painting. Often, instead of spending time in social networks I contemplate here the paintings;) Good luck and interesting new artworks!

In KievGallery you can buy oil paintings and sculptures. Modern painting, sculpture, graphics - the best gift! We have - all exhibitions and art news from Kiev on our online gallery! New paintings and artists! Paintings for sale with delivery in Kiev, in Ukraine and abroad. Paintings complement our apartments, villas and offices giving us a good mood and joy. So buy paintings not only for the interior, but also for the soul! To buy a picture, or to discuss the details of the purchase paintings online, use chat (bottom right), send us an email or just call us.

We are pleased to welcome you to the online art gallery KievGallery, which collected a huge number of works of modern painting. Any picture - the perfect gift for friends or loved ones, as well as an excellent decoration for your home or office. Here you will find works in oils, each of which is created in a certain genre, style, performance and character. Gallery of paintings and sculptures KievGallery - a place where everyone will be able to choose and buy a painting or a sculpture for the soul. The range of our online store will delight all lovers of art and will be of interest to those whose souls are forced to tremble works of contemporary artists and sculptors, in particular, the Ukrainian masters.

Anyone can distinguish oil paintings, not even the expert. Most often occurs in the viewer a double sense, when he has to look at the landscape, portrait, still life and narrative composition: from afar any picture seems perfect, but with each step closer to the picture, just notice how the lines are no longer so clear, eventually break up the large image into a plurality of strokes drawn by the artist of all shades. Hence, there was a kind of unwritten rule: to assess the true beauty of oil paintings, better from a longer distance. Only in this way you will see a picture entirely.

Painting appeared in the house can give the interior a certain "flavor", refreshing it and adding elements of aesthetics, thus creating a kind of "other" atmosphere in the room.

Oil paintings presented on the site, a wide variety of subjects: landscapes (sea, forest, fields, mountains, rivers), flowers, seasons (winter, summer, fall, spring), still lifes, portraits and narrative compositions, animalism (animals, in other words, a picture with the animals) and so on. Each painting has a certain mysterious power. Anyone who notices on the wall oil painting, can not indifferently pass by, and is delayed in order to consider all the details, for a moment, lost in a masterpiece, leaving all the problems and concerns somewhere behind.

Buy a painting in Kiev today is unlikely to make much effort. You can buy them in specialized shops, gift shops and designer boutiques, but the simplest and most affordable solution is an online store where prices for works are quite democratic, and range envy of any interior. We offer only quality and original oil paintings. At the moment, the number of works presented here, is more than three thousand works (some of which are sold), which had been worked sixty contemporary painters and sculptors. Each painting - work done by hand, oil on canvas, created in a single copy. Of course, some artists repeat their picture, but it is considered a iteration of the author, and not a copy of the picture, since the artist draws a similar plot, motive and place objects in the picture, as it was on the original painting, but a copy of it can not draw, yes, and we will not execute such an order. Because for us it is important that our customers have exclusive works of pictorial art.

The shipping of any picture in the cities of Ukraine and abroad we can fully guarantee by sending a piece of art on the day of receipt of the order of one of the transport companies (on your choice). Undoubtedly, buy oil painting on canvas in Kiev will not be difficult in the case if it is available (we support the presence of paintings and sculptures at the level of 90%), but do not be upset to learn about the absence of selected goods, because we can always pick up for you something else, perhaps better than your original choice.

The range of paintings in our art gallery is constantly updated and expanded, so if you are not immediately able to find the right picture, look to us after a while, and, most likely, you will be able to pick up the one that just created to decorate the interior of your home.

If you still have questions you can call us: +38044 3605830 or send an email.